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Oktoberfest 2011: Black Girls in Dirndls

23 Sep


Me in my Drindl at Oktoberfest 2007

My first trip to Oktoberfest was in 2007. Me being me, I decided to go in style and invested in a traditional Bavarian dress called a dirndl.
Once in Munich, the dirndl made me instantly popular. I can honestly say I was the ONLY woman of color with one on that day. People were pointing and staring and some even got aggresive. (dudes and booze, meh) Luckily, my attention-whoredness paid off and I was pulled up on stage to lead the band.

On Stage at Oktoberfest Leading the Band

On Stage at Oktoberfest Leading the Band

Read about thatadventure here: How To Unintentionally Become Oktoberfest Legend
Fast forward to the first day of Oktoberfest 2011, last weekend, and I saw dozens of women of color in dirndls. I stalked a few and asked for a picture. Check them out, they looked great!!